Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2011

Are Inov-8's F-195 too narrow and pointy?

Inov-8's F195 are great shoes. Only 3 mm heel  drop, great sticky outsole and super light. However, one of the main concerns people raise about them is that they are too narrow and pointy. This concern was actually the reason for me not to try these great shoes for a long time. My right foot is somehow wider. Then, it just happened that I was able to try them in a shop and I was really surprised. They would fit perfectly. These shoes are narrow. However, the uppers are quite flexible offering a nice snug fit. As to the point that they are too pointy. I've never really thought about that it but when I started running in Merrell's Trail Glove it always bothered me to hit the front of the shoe with my big toe when running downhill. Trail Glove has a very wide toe box. Then I realized the advantage of the F-195's pointy form: Your foot gets fixed by the flexible uppers (big toe - smallest toe). When you descend and your foot moves forward you only make contact with toes and uppers.

My shoe sizing

Since I do most of my shopping online I find it really useful when people post their sizes. No one likes to go through the hassle of sending back the stuff. Sort of spoils the whole instant gratification thing.

Foot length (left/right): 26.3 / 26.8 cm

Right foot is somehow wider than average. My left foot higher.

Inov-8 f 195/190: UK 8.5
Saucony Kinvara: EU 44
Vivo Barefoot: EU 43
Merrell Trail Glove: EU 43

Dienstag, 17. Mai 2011

inov-8 f-195 zero-drop

Recently, I had to do more of my runs on the road. Since I suffer from a slight chronic sprained ankle I needed a some more cushion beneath my feet. Getting a regular cushioned monster shoe was not an option, I simply can't run with a significant heel drop anymore. If Inov-8 just made a zero drop shoe with 2 or 3 arrow cushioning. Not everyone seeking cushion is a heel striker. Altra's Instinct looks really promising, however, it's not available in Europe.

Therefore, I've cut a cushioned insole (Sof sole Thin Fit) and put the front part below the original insoles in my shoes. The sudden change of height below the mid of my foot is quite noticeable when standing or walking. However, since I'm a forefoot striker it does not bother me.